Updated Availability Schedule

What's up everyone!

JDOTDIGITALS has now updated and posted our availability for the month of March. We also have declared dates we will travel outside of our current area. We are beginning with Greensboro for three Fridays out of the month, then for the last weekend of March we are planning to be in Charlotte for 2 days (travel dates are subject to change).

 via Twitter

via Twitter

Our daily schedule is as follows:

Mondays: 12pm - 3pm and

7pm - 10pm (Studio Only)

Wednesdays: 12pm - 3pm

Fridays: 12pm - 3pm and

7pm - 10pm (Studio Only)

Saturdays: 12pm - 9pm

Sundays: 12pm - 9pm



Tuesdays and Thursdays are currently unavailable as we will use these days for editing and business maintenance. Monday and Wednesday nights are currently only available for studio sessions and every other timeframe can be used for any type of photography session, outdoor or otherwise.

If you have any questions about our schedule or how to book with us. Be sure to contact us here for more information.

Thanks everyone!