Discover JDOTDIGITALS: Photography For Professional and Aspiring Artists

JDOTDIGITALS is a photography company based in Raleigh, North Carolina that shoots a variety of photographic styles. Our company’s specialty is working with artists or people with a creative vision.


We started this photography company with the needs of artists in mind.

Our journey began in the summer of 2014 with the goal of providing a platform for artists in NC to showcase their talents and bring their visions to life. Whether they are models, dancers, actors, musical or visual artists, we work closely with our clients to make sure their creative needs are met so they can make progress in their careers.

Today, we have that same vision and purpose in mind. Artists need photography to represent them and their craft in a professional way. Photography communicates an artist's philosophy of art and captures the essence of who they are as a person.

Therefore, we continuously strive to encourage artists to express themselves freely and stay motivated in creating their works. We make this happen by aiding in portfolio development and promoting their works to audiences who will actively support their work.

Over years of educating ourselves in our craft and business, we have developed ways to educate other artists on how to market themselves better. Ultimately, we as artists want our craft to be the main source of income for ourselves. We want to show artists ways to create wealth from their artistic endeavors.

Our mission is to develop and support an exclusive community for artists who are serious about their craft and are self-driven for success. Every artist wants their life to be centered around their craft. We are here to help guide you to make this dream a reality.


Our artistic approach

Every image we create comes from one goal in mind: reflecting the individuality and persona of our subject and setting. We approach every project with a different vibe we aim to convey.

Our style has evolved over the years. At first, just like many other beginners, we had no idea of how to go about lighting, composing the scene, or directing our models to achieve the right look. After hundreds of hours of self-education, we began to define our own style of photography. Photographic style depends on many factors such as how the subject is feeling, the photographer’s mood, the style of clothing the subject wears, weather, lighting, and much more.

Above all, we strive to produce high-quality images with the use of our professional equipment, editing software, and artistic know-how. We utilize these tools to acquire the right look. Vibrant lighting and vivid colors are our primary elements for our images, but sometimes we favor more dark and muted tones. Again, it’s all about the mood we want to create.

We also are always open to new concepts and themes that our clients may want us to incorporate into our work. Fashion, lifestyle, and glamour are our specialty. We always encourage our clients to incorporate music or props that puts them in the right mood.

Every artist has their own emotional story to tell and our photography is the method of communication for them.


Our position as a creative outlet

Many photographers in our industry showcase their client’s work unprofessionally and without substance. It is the creative team’s job to create the scene, direct the model, and compose the image. However, this can create limitations for the subjects during projects. We encourage our clients to contribute as much as they can to the shoot. Freedom of expression and creative control are what we ensure to our clients in every shoot. 

If you ordered a customized product, would you be satisfied to walk away with something that was not what you had in mind? When our clients have a vision, our job is to bring it to life.

What makes photography great is the vision behind it. Anyone can snap pictures of someone in great clothes and dramatic lighting, but without meaning and purpose, the direction will fall flat. Professional photography takes good people skills as well as artistic skills. We are very aware that the amount of creativity we can unlock with our clients is endless and are always ready to take our work to the next level.

We hope this gives better insight into the purpose of our company.

We will be providing our updates on our site to communicate our ideas, report the latest news, and hold discussions with readers.

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