Versatility of Natural Hairstyles: Photoshoot with Sakarah - "Love Locs"


A couple weeks ago, I was honored to shoot once again with my best friend Sakarah. We had been talking about new ideas and concepts we wanted to try and we thought of focusing on her beautiful locs. We came up with the concept of showcasing the versatility of natural hair. African American hair can be styled in a multitude of ways. Sakarah has had this hairstyle for 24 years (and counting) and I believed it was time for her to showcase it through some new and vibrant images. With my photographic style of capturing vivid light and color, we came up with this photoset I have titled, “Love Locs.”

The set up was the best part for me. Now would you believe me if I told you that these were taken in her bedroom? We decided to do this instead of renting out an entire studio for just the two of us. This made the shoot much more cozy and relaxed, just like being at home (literally). I used one strobe light with a beauty dish attached and taped a my old wrinkled backdrop up to one of her walls. Then I had her sit low in front of me to have a deep angle of light pointing down on her as if we were in a large studio. Next, add in some deep conversation, a couple FaceTime calls with friends, and the rest is in the images! Sakarah created every look herself by trying out new ways to situate her hair for the pictures. Luckily, thanks to Neely Glam Studios, Sakarah already had her face beat way before we shot so we could focus solely on the photography.


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What's up everyone!

JDOTDIGITALS has now updated and posted our availability for the month of March. We also have declared dates we will travel outside of our current area. We are beginning with Greensboro for three Fridays out of the month, then for the last weekend of March we are planning to be in Charlotte for 2 days (travel dates are subject to change).

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via Twitter

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