JDOTDIGITALS is a photography company for professional and aspiring artists, businesses, and people who want a creative experience.

Photography by Jonathan Okafo




We work with businesses to develop professional representations of their brand and high quality marketing content. We build trusting partnerships with business owners through consistent communication and consultation. Our services range from commercial and product photography to headshots. 



Conceptual photography directed and captured by our lead photographer, Jonathan Okafo. He collaborates with models to develop his personal creations. He approaches every project with a different concept, theme, or feeling he aims to convey. You can subscribe to our newsletter below to be the first to see his future projects.

We specialize in working with both trained and amateur artists to enhance their portfolios with stunning images of themselves and their ideas. Like photographers, artists need a way to express their own creative vision. Our company is here to help explore their imagination.

What We Offer is Creative Control


This begins with visualizing your concept, planning your shoot, designing and capturing the look, and finally experiencing the finished product. We give clients the opportunity to express themselves creatively and communicate their ideas through our photography.  



We Are Here To Upgrade Your Image

We continuously strive to grow with artists and businesses in our area. We make this happen by aiding in portfolio development and promoting their works to audiences who will actively support their work. Over years of educating ourselves in our craft and business, we have developed ways to educate others on how to market themselves better. Ultimately, we all want our crafts and services to be the main source of income for ourselves. We want to show our clients ways to create wealth from their endeavors.

Our mission is to develop and support an exclusive community for artists and businesses who are serious about their craft and are self-driven for success. Every entrepreneur wants their life to be centered around what they do. We are here to help guide you to make this dream a reality.


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